Friday, August 9, 2013

Clear History

Larry David is a genius; raise your hand if you disagree. Okay, now everybody who is raising their hand needs to get out. Seinfeld and Curb are and forever will be a steadfast benchmark for what makes a great comedy. The themes are timeless. The writing is outstanding. Larry David is a genius. It's that simple.

Mr. David is debuting a brand new project on HBO tomorrow, entitled Clear History. The HBO film was both written and produced by Larry David and will star the neurotic fan-favorite as a jaded business executive who lost out on a great deal of money and is now planning revenge against his former boss. The movie was directed by Greg Mottola. Alec Berg, David Mandel, and Jeff Schaffer lent their writing talents to the project as well. While the details of the plot are fairly vague, much of the hype was built around the cast, itself. Larry David, Bill Hader, Jon Hamm, Kate Hudson, Michael Keaton, Danny McBride, Eva Mendes, Amy Ryan, and J.B. Smoove. The names speak for themselves. Check out the trailer below and make sure you tune in to HBO tomorrow at 9pm ET for Clear History.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

DVD Rental Recommendations

In addition to all of the great movies coming soon to theatres, there is plenty to look forward to in the DVD department as well. The first is a movie that has been on my watch list for a while now. Mud has that 'instant-classic' feel to it, and although I'll admit that the cast didn't thrill me on paper, the trailer makes it look as if every actor pulls their weight and delivers outstanding performances. Check out the trailer below.

The second movie is an intriguing psychological thriller featuring Michael Cera as a villain, entitled Magic Magic. For those of you who have never seen Youth in Revolt, trust me when I say that Michael Cera has more in his acting arsenal than being the perennial awkward/nice guy, and I think this movie will prove that to the world. Check out the trailer below. Both movies will be available on Redbox on Tuesday, August 6th, so plan a movie night and go pick those up.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

American Hustle

HUGE movie announcement was made a couple days ago, and trust me guys, it was a good one. Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Jennifer Lawrence headline this star studded cast in David O. Russell's next big film, American Hustle. Following the success of The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook, this movie is sure to be amazing. The plot is set to cover the FBI's ABSCAM sting and I'm 100% confident that this will be a Best Picture nominee come Oscar time. Check out the trailer below and start the countdown. The movie will be in theatres everywhere on Christmas Day. Nice touch on the Led Zeppelin choice as well.

The World's End

As an apology for taking yesterday off, we're bringing you a double dose of movie trailers to round out our list of the top five movies that I CAN'T WAIT to see. The first is The World's End. Previous Simon Pegg/Nick Frost releases have wowed and captivated audiences, quickly giving the duo a loyal following and plenty of praise from top critics and casual fans, alike. Shaun of the Dead was slackers vs. zombies. Hot Fuzz was super cops vs. cult leaders. It's obvious that they have a certain affinity for the fantastical. Well, their knack for pumping out truly original fantasy action comedies will certainly be on display once again as this time, they are set to take on robots! Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz are truly two of my favorite movies, but I'm yet to see a Simon Pegg/Nick Frost release in theatres. I guess The World's End will have to be my first. Check out the trailer below!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The To Do List

Aubrey Plaza, Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, Donald Glover. Done, done, and done. Check the trailer out below!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Don Jon

Don Jon caught my attention immediately. First of all, the trailer, in itself, is brilliant. I think most of us would agree that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a great actor, but it's his knack for taking the skeleton of a character and adding just the right amount of original elements to make it jump off the screen that puts him in truly rare company. From watching the trailer, it's pretty clear that the Don Jon character will follow suit.

JGL is not only starring in this movie, but also trying his hand at the whole writing/directing thing. Now usually, I'd be weary of a big name making a jump to another field. Think MJ in baseball. But in all honesty, I feel like this is one of the few guys that can pull it off. He seems to have a true appreciation for the art of making movies. He's not a simple piece of the process, but rather the essence of the entire thing. Check out the trailer for Don Jon and tune in tomorrow for yet another top five trailer that has caught my full attention. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Knights of Badassdom

Okay so maybe this isn't as cool as the Joey Diaz interview, but the truth is, setting up interviews isn't as easy as it looks. So to kick off the "Real Movies" section of the blog, I am going to post the top five upcoming movies that I simply cannot wait to see!

The first is "Knights of Badassdom". Uh, Peter Dinklage, Danny Pudi, Steve Zahn, and Jimmi Simpson. Enough said. With most of these actors better known for their television work rather than silver screen performances, I'm interested to see how they make their transition. It's difficult to imagine a more perfect cast for this type of movie. In order to make mock-dramatics equally hilarious, you need a group of actors that not only shine in comedic roles, but also possess true acting chops. A+ in that category. With a concrete release date yet to be announced, but a vague promise of "2013," I am cautiously optimistic that the wait won't be much longer. We can only hope. More updates soon. For now, check out the trailer below.